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BSS MAGEC Patient Information

25/06/2021 13:43 | Anonymous

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MAGEC Growing Rods

British Scoliosis Society Patient Information

NuVasive Specialized Orthopedics Inc., (the company that manufactures MAGEC growing rods) and the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have released statements that announce the CE certification for the MAGEC growing rod system has been temporarily suspended and we should not implant any more MAGEC growing rods in the UK until further notice. The reasons for this are complicated but include concerns about failure of the rods and the ability of the rods to continue lengthening using the external magnet.

If your child is due for surgery using the MAGEC growing rods, this will not be possible and we do not know when MAGEC rods will be available for use in the UK again. Your surgeon will discuss the other available options for treating your child.

If your child still has the MAGEC growing rods then your surgeon will continue to monitor your child and lengthen the MAGEC growing rods in clinic. X-rays must be taken every 6 months and your surgeon will compare these with previous x-rays to look for any problems and confirm that the rods are still lengthening. The rods only need removing if the device has broken, is not lengthening anymore, has reached the end of distraction or has been implanted for 6 years. The rods will be removed as soon as possible in these circumstances or once treatment has ended, and your surgeon will discuss the options for your child.

If your child previously had MAGEC growing rods but they have been removed, then no further action is required.

For additional information please go the British Scoliosis Society Website where the MHRA and NuVasive documents can be found. If you still have concerns, please contact your surgical team who will be happy to discuss things further.

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